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Individual membership in the Photographic Society of America (PSA) is required to take part in the 365 Day Project.

Click here to obtain information and an application for PSA membership.

Entry Fees This activity is open, free of charge, to all individual PSA members, who are in good standing, as one of their many membership benefits.

Registration It is necessary to register before participating in this activity.

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Entries You may enter as many as 7 images at a time, however only one image is allowed for each theme day. To see a list of themes, go to:

It is not necessary to re-name your image file; that will be done for you automatically.

Images must be "jpg" format.
The maximum allowable horizontal dimension (width) is 1024 pixels.
The maximum allowable vertical dimension (height/tall) is 768 pixels.

Smaller images are acceptable.

Saving your files using the sRGB color profile is recommended for optimum digital projection.

As many as 7 images may be submitted at a time.

Dennis Hirning, APSA, MPSA
Email Address: